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About EMS

EMS Medical mission

We strive for perfection and are committed to improving the quality of life
for the patient by providing innovative solutions that deliver proven treatment outcomes.

  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Client orientation

Market leader in Endoscopic Lithotripsy, EMS shapes the history and the future of Stone Management.


EMS success story in intracorporeal stone management

The Swiss LithoClast® intracorporeal ballistic lithotripter first entered the market in 1991, quickly becoming the gold standard in rigid and semi-rigid endoscopic lithotripsy avoiding complex open surgery.

In 2000, EMS combines its ballistic technology with ultrasound.

In 2012, EMS enters the flexible endoscopic lithotripsy field with the launch of the Swiss LaserClast®.

swiss lithoclast 1st generation

About EMS Medical

We are perfectionists

Doing the job right is what we do best. Perfection is our goal.

Founded more than 30 years ago in Switzerland, EMS Electro Medical Systems offers a wide range of medical precision equipment used in various fields of treatment including, Urology, Shock Waves, and Oral Prophylaxis instruments.